My Paintings in Edinburgh

Do you know the big department store  Jenners in Edinburgh?

Thanks to Breeze Art Gallery, I've had the occasion to discover this beautiful place dedicated to Fashion and Art.

Similar to the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Jenners store offers dozens of brands of clothes, jewellery, decoration and even has an art gallery on the 4th floor. You got it, it is possible to see my paintings in Scotland, in Jenners, at Breeze Art gallery. Very nice isn't it !

Virtual Visit: Breeze Art gallery

Jenners, Edinburgh.


What? Aren't they my paintings in the light, are they?! 


And in red, there, isn't it one of my painting?!!


Still my paintings under the light! 


Dozen of my paintings are available for sale at the gallery or on the website.

Willing to check out your future Amylee's painting?

Click here and enjoy colours !

Breeze Art Gallery

Jenners Department Store

4th Floor

48 Princes St.



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