Amylee Paris

Amylee was born in 1978 in Nimes in the South of France. A region where the color rises in the light. Early on, she falls in love drawing and even painting. Determined, she will follow a path that will allow her to express and stimulate her creativity. From her artistic studies in correlation  to her jobs, but also now as a painter, Amylee sees life in colours! The shade is strong, radiant but also soothing and remains at the center of her work.

In 2008, she decides to follow her deep desire: to paint full time. Amylee then uses all her skills and her influences together to paint artworks that will be light sources, vibrations, emotions. She finally chose acrylic paint, a technique that makes the art customers brighten as the varnish does for the paint. Pencils and pens remain dedicated to sketches.
In her portfolio, you will find mainly portraits with floral details and always worked with this extreme care that shows a sudden urge to consider more closely work bit by bit, to try to touch it, to find the secret, to make it her own ones... An emotion that awakens the senses and captivates the viewer. Amylee has painted since then more than 1,000 portraits, making women, flowers and patterns repeated her favourite subjects.

Her artwork revolves around pictorial phases but 2016 will impose to her painting an emotional imprint characteristic, a stronger graphical signature.
Amylee is inspired by the masters of figurative painting. Graphic codes of Klimt and Mucha are glimpsed in many of her paintings. We can also detect the influence of Alma-Tadema, Monet, Morisot. She is very attracted to the Pop Art, particularly the one by Roy Lichtenstein and urban artists like Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Eduardo Kobra, David Walker. She also loves these patterns deployed on fabrics that can be seen to Christian Lacroix, Manish Arora or Yulia Yanina catwalk.
Amylee's paintings are great travelers as they travel miles across Europe, the US or Asia for the delight of collectors. This phenomenon has been quickened due to representative galleries which exhibit her paintings internationally but also to the global showcase offered by the web.

By a real need to express herself "the expression in all its forms", Amylee created a blog in 2009 to share her experience and expertise as a painter. An online magazine Amylee.fr becomes the rendezvous for a large great community!
After Nîmes, Toulouse, Paris and London, Amylee lives now in the center of France. Nevertheless, she keeps being active all around the world where she still works around artistic events.

"Il était une fois Amylee" Laurence Carron, Myriam Stepanian (English version), July 2016