Glittering floral abstractions

Amylee’s ‘floral abstractions’ unfold in a glittering, textured palette, dotted with light. They demonstrate her personal evolution, her shifting inspirations, her travels and her thoughts. Although her early work was almost entirely figurative, over time she has become increasingly interested in nature and gardens, flowers and the beauty and eloquence of even a single petal. She spends as much time outdoors as she can, and practices Shinrin-Yoku, Japanese forest meditation. Her images have become increasingly fresh, and combine a meditative stillness with a sense of compressed energy, ready to burst forth in what she calls a ‘blossom blast.’ Recently she has been painting on square canvas and has been exploring the impact of large statement pieces which are bold and radiant, yet have a serene, almost soothing, quality. 

Born in 1978 in Nimes in the South of France, Amylee studied Beaux Arts and Applied Arts extensively at the universities of Toulouse and Montpellier, and after travelling around France and then Europe, she settled in verdant countryside of the Auvergne. She loves to paint in her studio, but also outdoors, communing with nature and breathing freely under the vast blue sky of this famously beautiful landscape.

Success as a painter began for her in Paris in 2008 when a gallery invited her to exhibit. She has never looked back and now sells her work across Europe, America and Hong Kong. Alongside her painting she is a successful writer and broadcaster and is a monthly contributor to London magazine GreatArt. As well as appearing in many art related magazines, her paintings have been featured  everywhere from book jackets to TV shows. In March 2019, she was Guest of Honor at the First Entrepreneur Program for Visual Artists in Montreal, Canada.

Amylee is inspired by the graphic codes of Klimt and Mucha, the beauty of Alma-Tadema, Monet and Morisot, the dynamic creativity of urban and pop artists, and the patterned fabrics of designers such as Christian Lacroix, Manish Arora and Yulia Yanina. The fashion connection was highlighted when John Galliano acquired one of her paintings.

She works directly on linen canvas using an array of media ranging from oil pastels and ‘crackle paint’ to gold leaf, visiting colours and ideas that she finds positive and uplifting on that particular day. A deeply emotional painter, Amylee’s deepest wish is to share a message of light, creating happiness through opening her heart to others through her artwork.

“I really relate to the emotions emanating from a painting or a colour. My artwork tries to share a good message, a good vibration, a light feeling that makes you forget the daily worries.”