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Amylee Paris

Amylee Paris is both a painter and a consultant. As a multi-skilled artist, she always gives her best so that shrewd collectors can enjoy the art of their daily life. On top of this, Amylee shares advice with other young artists. This is really useful for them and has a real impact on their career’s improvement and achievement. A few years ago, Amylee left her beloved France to live a fairy tale in the UK. A country surrounded by queens, princes and princesses. Inspired by this new adventure and chapter of her life, she has since then hugely developed her creativity.

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Full of Love testimonials

Colibri Anais (2015)


You have made my Christmas and my year. Today I was lucky enough to receive my very own Colibri Anais and absolutely wonderful dedicated card. I won't repeat the language I used when I opened it but I was in complete shock. There were tears, jumping up and down on the bed and lots of screaming. I then sat and stroked it for about 30 minutes. Honestly Amylee I have loved this piece ever since I first saw you share it with us but I had in no way anticipated just how beautiful and stunning it is in real life. Merry Christmas and thank you so much. My house is a happy place xxxx

Becky S. (United Kingdom)

 Cosmo (2010) 


I live at the 16th and top floor of a building in central Paris, so I have designed my space to be kind of a comfortable eyrie... for birds of prey. Amylee's artwork, standing in the sole place that can be seen from anywhere in the flat, is like a warm welcome and a warning at the same time. - Alpha O. (Paris)

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